Student registration must be accompanied by a 500 EUR security deposit. Before registering see the Rates and the number of room vacancies.
We are ready to receive student registrations for the new academic year 2024/2025.


Current level of Kings Court accommodation vacancies for MTU students

Refer to the information in the table below before deciding to submit you application on our students registration page.

The table displays the number of bedrooms currently available at Kings Court Apartments. Each bedroom includes a private ensuite toilet and shower. There are four bedrooms in each apartment. Each apartment includes a shared kitchen/dining room.

We allocate first year students with other first year students of the same course to enable students to settle into college life quickly along with a suitable study environment.

Most of our students study in the Munster Technological University, Tralee. They book with us early in order to be guaranteed accommodation at Kings Court Apartments for the academic year.

Term From To Vacancies
Semester One Mon-02-Sep-2024 Fri-10-Jan-2025 0
Semester Two Mon-13-Jan-2025 Wed-21-May-2025 12
Full Academic Year Mon-02-Sep-2024 Wed-21-May-2025 67

The academic year is divided into two semesters. The first semester runs from September to the end of the Christmas holidays; the second semester begins early in January, after the Christmas holidays, and runs until Wed-21-May-2025. A full academic year starts in September and runs until Wed-21-May-2025. The student lease ends on Wed-21-May-2025. Some students only book for one semester (either semester 1 or 2), but most students book for the full academic year.

The From date in the table refers to the earliest date for arrivals; the To date refers to the latest date for departures.

If you book for semester 1 only and later decide you want to stay for semester 2 as well, you may have to submit a second online application for semester 2; this means you may have to pay another security deposit, because each online application is processed separately.

If the number of places goes down to zero for a particular academic term it means we are currently fully booked for that term; but bear in mind places can become available again for various reasons, such as cancellations, departures and other reasons. If you are unable to book a place at this time due to no vacancies, send us an email if you want to be placed on a waiting list.

Visit this page regularly to keep up to date on the latest changes to the number of vacancies.