Student registration must be accompanied by a 500 EUR security deposit. Before registering see the Rates and the number of room vacancies.


Application Process

Notes to aid completion of the Kings Court Application Form 2024/2025


Permanent Address: Your home address where you normally reside, including Eircode.

E-mail address: this must be a working email address that is checked regularly. Please ensure that on the form that the email address is legible. Please print each letter of the email address separately. If you do not receive an email within three weeks of moving into Kings Court Apartments please call to the office. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure they are receiving emails from us.

Arrival Date: if unknown please submit an date in September as the full academic year starts in September and ends the following year in May.

Departure Date: if unknown please submit a date late in May as the academic year finishes the following May. If it is the case that students are on placement and looking for a one semester stay please contact the office for availability.

Students Identification Number: This number is issued by the M.T.U college after enrolment. This is printed on the T card and is known as the T number. If unknown please put 0. This number would not be available to potential first year students completing this form. When received please submit to the office via email.

Course being studied: if it is the case that a prospective first year student has applied for multiple courses please state these on the application form. Once known which course will be taking up please notify us via email. If you are repeating a year then you must notify the office immediately.

Vehicle Details: if you have a vehicle that will be parked in Kings Court then all details must be provided on the application.
Parking spaces are limited and are given to the first 160 students that request a space.

Health and Emergency: it is extremely important to submit the name and details of the person to contact in the event of an emergency. If you have any special needs/health problems that impact you while staying in Kings Court then these must be stated in the application form. All details provided are kept confidential.

Guarantor: is typically a parent / guardian / next of kin. This person undertakes to act as a guarantor in respect of all financial obligations arising from the duration of the student's stay to cover rent, losses, damages, costs, charges, expenses and / or fines arising from or incurred by or levied upon the student in question.

Apartment Request: If requesting to reside in a particular apartment then three apartment numbers must be supplied. Any more or less will be viewed as null and void and the request will be discarded. A final decision is made by management regarding allocations and assumptions should not be made. Three apartment numbers should be entered on the form in all cases.

Sharing request: You must fill your own name into the space ‘Student 1’. Please note only one student (you only), two student (you and another student), or four student (you and three other students) requests will be processed i.e. three people (you and two other students) cannot be requested. The request will be marked null and void and random allocation will take place.
Bedroom Allocation: We do not accept bedroom requests. A process of random selection only for bedrooms .

Personal requests are not guaranteed, and accommodation will be allocated in line with you Lease Agreement as well as with company policy.

Arrival Date: We open for key collection at 0900 on Monday 2nd September 2024
 Full Academic Year:Monday 2nd September 2024
 Semester 1:Monday 2nd September 2024
 Semester 2:Monday 13th January 2025
Departure Date: Keys are to be returned to Reception by 12 noon on the following dates:
 Full Academic Year:Wednesday 21st May 2025
 Semester 1:Friday 10th January 2025
 Semester 2:Wednesday 21st May 2025

Please refer to the Rates page for a detailed explanation of all the different payments the student is required to submit in order to be guaranteed accommodation for the full academic year.

Payment Details:

The 500 EUR Security Deposit must be paid online when you are filling in the web page application form.
Afterwards, with the exception of the security deposit, all rent, utility and electricity deposit payments are to be submitted by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). When making payments by EFT, always include the student's first name and surname in the reference box. This helps us to identify the source of the EFT transaction. We can then quickly allocate the payment to the correct student account and send out a receipt by email in acknowledgment.

Bank details:

Bank of Ireland, Tralee
IE92 BOFI 9058 3849 4876 65 (enter without spaces)

** Students first name and surname must be included in the reference box **

When adding the Rookery Management Company CLG as a new payee, find out if your bank has a payment limit in place, before attempting to pay by the required date(s) the money owed.

At the end of the academic year, your deposit will be refunded to you by bank transfer. Therefore, please ensure that the BIC and IBAN numbers of your bank account that you enter in the online form are accurate.

  • It is important to note that in order for your application to be registered on our database your online application must include a 500 EUR security deposit payable via PayPal in a single transaction. Therefore, you should ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account to pay the deposit before filling in the online application form.
  • In addition to an email from PayPal, you will receive an email from Kings Court Student Apartments verifying that the details you submitted on the online form have been entered into our database. The email will contain your PayPal transaction number. This is an important number as you will be required to produce it when you are uploading your passport type photo into our database. Instructions on how to do this will be contained in the email.
  • At the end of the semester or academic year your deposit will be refunded (pending final inspection and meter readings) to you by bank transfer.

    Please ensure that the BIC and IBAN numbers of your bank account are entered correctly on your online application form, as The Rookery Management Company CLG will not accept liability for any inaccuracies submitted.

Please note the security deposit will not be accepted if all requested documentation is not submitted or is incomplete. For further information regarding deposits visit

Application Form Guide

Don't use your smartphone to fill in the online form. It is very easy to make spelling mistakes on smartphones. Use a laptop or an office computer.

Double-check that all of the input fields are filled in correctly before clicking the submit button. Changes to any information requirements on the application form post submission must be submitted to the office by email.

Requirements/Check List

A full Application for Residency is comprised of all elements outlined below.
  • Online Application Form submitted to our system together with the 500 Eur Paypal payment.
  • Upload your photo. We will send you a instructions by email when you pay the security deposit.
  • Fully Completed Guarantor Form submitted to us on paper.
  • Fully Completed Security Form submitted to us on paper. Your photo will appear on the Security Form from the photo upload.

After submitting the Security Deposit through Paypal, you should follow the instruction in the email message to print out the Guarantor and the Security Forms; fill them in and send the completed paper documentation to:

The Rookery Management Company,
Managers Office, Block D,
Kings Court Apartments,
Manor West,
Co Kerry
V92 HNE2

Please note:
  1. When we receive the security deposit through Paypal, our system will send you an email (to your PayPal email address) containing your registration details and the amount paid. It is important that the email address you give us correct and valid.
    If you do not receive an email from us within two hours after paying the 500 euro security deposit through PayPal, check the Junk and Trash folders of your PayPal email account, or email us at
  2. The email will explain how to upload a passport sized photo of yourself to our website. You must do this in order for your application to be accepted.
    For data protection do not send us a scan of your passport or driving license.
  3. After you upload your photo go back to the email message we sent you. There will be a second link to take you to a special web page that displays both the Guarantor and Security Forms. Print out these forms on paper; one A4 page for the Guarantor Form and one A4 page for the Security Form; then have your guarantor fill it in and sign the Guarantor Form, and you must fill in and sign the Security Form. Your photo will be already on the Security Form from the photo upload. Return the two forms to us as soon as possible.
  4. Any further question or queries please check our FAQs section or email us.
If you want to be sure that we have vacancies available before submitting your online application visit the Number of Vacancies page first before proceeding with the Application Form

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